They say change is inevitable. According to the Greek philosopher, change is the only constant in life. Don’t you agree?

There is no denying that the mindset of women in the Arab world has undergone significant changes over the years. These women view clothing as a form of their identity or self-expression and empowerment without compromising on their cultural and modesty values. The clothing is indeed deeply rooted in the religion’s teachings and values. Let us explore more about Islamic women’s clothing, Abaya.

The History Behind Abaya

Abaya is a traditional attire worn by women in the Arab world. Let us trace back to the ancient origins to understand early garments in a better way. In ancient Mesopotamia, as people lived in a harsh desert environment, they used to wear loose-fitting clothes for their protection. These clothes were designed to shield them from the scorching sun.

In the Arabian Peninsula during the 7th century, due to Islamic influence, women’s clothing styles went through a paradigm shift. Abaya, women’s clothing, is a long robe-like garment that covers the entire body and has evolved to adapt to Islamic teachings. Hence, women tend to avoid clothing that is uncomfortable and too revealing.

What is Modest Dress for Islamic Women?

In Islam, modest dress is viewed as high regard, respect, and obedience to God.  It covers the body without drawing any unnecessary distractions to oneself. The purpose of modest clothing is to facilitate a deeper connection with God. It also reveals that this modest dress showcases their faith in the world.

The Blend of Traditional Modesty with Modern Trends

In recent times, Western influence has played a major role in shaping the clothing style for the abaya. You can find abayas in modern designs, colours, and materials. There are variations available to a wide range of tastes.  

There are many fashion designers who craft stylish yet traditional abayas, making them distinctive fashionable clothing. They use premium fabrics, creative cuts, and couture-level craftsmanship to cater to body types and diverse tastes.

Imagine or visualize yourself without any constraint, wearing an elegantly crafted abaya, reflecting your uniqueness and grace. Remember that you are wearing beautiful attire that is traditional and uplifting your spirit. Feel and flaunt your style of abaya.

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